How to Program a Bearcat BC147XLT Scanner

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Programming the Uniden BC147XLT scanner is an easy process. Uniden scanners are designed to make it easy for the user to program frequencies into the channels. Once you have the frequency that you would like to program into the scanner's memory, it can be entered into the device using the numeric keypad. Once a frequency is stored into the channel on the scanners memory, you only need to switch the scanner to the channel desired to listen to the traffic on that frequency.


Step 1

Turn the scanner on.

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Step 2

Press the "Manual" button. This will cause the unit to cease its scan.

Step 3

Press the channel number that you are programming then press "Manual" again.


Step 4

Enter the frequency that you wish to program using the numeric keypad. Be sure that you place the decimal in the correct place when entering the frequency into the scanner.


Step 5

Press the "E" button. This will save the frequency into the scanner's memory.




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