How to Program a Motorola CDM1250 Radio

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The Motorola CDM1250 two-way radio is a device that you can install in your vehicle, office or home to quickly communicate with another radio with the press of a button. The CDM1250 works for business or leisure, with a variety of channels from which to choose to talk through or the ability to scan through channels until you hear chatter. Using the control pad on the CDM1250, you can program your favorite channels to use while in scan mode.


Step 1

Turn on the device by turning the "Volume" knob until it clicks and you see the display screen light up. Press the "Menu/Enter" button to enter the menu for the device, where you can make changes to the settings of the radio.

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Step 2

Press the "Up" and "Down" buttons to navigate through the menu until "Program Lists" appears on the display. Press the "Menu/Enter" button. Use the arrows to navigate to the "Scan Lists" option and press the "Menu/Enter" button again. Navigate to the "Add Entry?" option and press "Menu/Enter."


Step 3

Press the "Up" and "Down" arrows until the channel number you want to add to the scan function appears on the display. Press the "Menu/Enter" button to select this channel. "Entry Saved" will appear on the display. Press the "Menu/Enter" button again to go back to the programming screen.



Step 4

Repeat Step 3 to program each of the channel numbers you want to save into the memory of your device. When you are finished adding the channels you want to scan through, hold down the "Exit" button for three seconds to leave the menu and return to the main screen. Press the "Scan" button--which is shaped like a "Z"--to scan through the programmed channels. The radio will stop on a channel if it detects a broadcast.



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