How to Program an HT1250

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Use the HT1250 menu options to add or remove channels.
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The Motorola HT1250 two-way radio is capable of handling up to 128 separate channels for communication. The radio is usually pre-programmed from the dealer with a set of local channels, but you may not want to use the original options. If you want to set your own options, it only takes a few minutes to program the Motorola HT1250 by removing unwanted channels or adding others.


Deleting Channels

Step 1

Turn the volume knob at the top of the HT1250 clockwise to power it on. Press the "Menu" button on the front of the radio.

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Step 2

Press the down key, labelled "P2," until you reach the "Program Lists" option in the menu. Press the "Menu " button again to choose the option.


Step 3

Press the "P2" key to scroll to the "Scan List" option and press the "Menu" button. Press the "P2" to scroll to to the "Add Entry" option or "Delete Entry" option and press the "Menu" button.

Step 4

Press the "P2" button to scan to the channel you want to save or remove, then press the "Menu" button. If you are deleting the channel, press the "Menu" button again to confirm your decision.


Step 5

Repeat this process as needed and when you are done programming the radie, press and hold the "Back" button, which looks like a rewinding clock, to exit Menu Mode.


You can temporarily remove channels that are generating a lot of noise from other users. Press and hold the "Scan" button while you are on the selected channel until you hear a beep. Release the button to remove the channel. The channel will be restored to your HT1250 either when you power off the radio or press the "Scan" button again.


The HT1250 radio is not capable of receiving any incoming calls while you are programming the scan list.

Priority channels and the last channel on the HT1250 cannot be deleted. The radio must always have at least one channel programmed.

Government regulations restrict some channels from being available for civilian use, so you may not see a channel that should be available while scrolling through the list of channels to add.