How to Disable a Vehicle Tracker

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Vehicle GPS systems can easily be stymied by a GPS Jammer.

GPS vehicle trackers are found in a number of modern vehicles that contain emergency assistance services. There are many benefits for using this service, however, not everyone is keen on having a Big Brother figure tracking their daily movements. In order to disable GPS vehicle tracking devices, you must jam the signal first. You could find a way to manually uninstall the GPS tracker, however, it would be very difficult to find in the vehicle since the devices are built within the vehicle structure. Older vehicles with GPS would be much easier to find since they used to be planted under the vehicle carriage. However, most GPS systems are now built within the newer and modern vehicle models, which make the portable jammer an enticing idea to implement since it can jam virtually any GPS signal coming from your vehicle's vicinity.


Step 1

Purchase the GPS jammers from a vehicle equipment or spy shop online. Some popular makers of the GPS jammer are called Tracker Gone and GPS Tracker Defense.

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Step 2

Remove the 12-volt cigarette lighter plug from the vehicle's dashboard, as it will be used as the power source for your GPS jammer.


Step 3

Plug the GPS jammer into the vehicle's lighter. Turn on the jamming device and all GPS devices in the vehicle, including your smartphone, will be completely disabled.





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