How to Lose GPS on a Work Truck

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Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) devices can send out all sorts of information including your location, speed, altitude, and even how long you have been at a stop. If you work in a business where you are driving a lot and you know that your boss is keeping track of you, you might be interested in knowing how to lose GPS on your work truck.


Step 1

Find the GPS device, then turn it off. To find the device, first do a quick visual sweep of your truck. You are looking for a small rectangular box that is usually black. Make sure to check the interior of the dashboard, under the seat, and in the glove compartment. On the exterior, you want to check the inside of both the front and rear bumpers, as well as the undercarriage of your vehicle. If you can find it, simply switch off or remove the device, and it will no longer give away your position.


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Step 2

If you can't locate the GPS unit visually, you may have to use a bug sniffing device. Go to,, or another spy gear store to find a GPS detector. You can also find these on or As of 2009, they usually cost between $300 and $500, depending on which model you purchase. A couple of models that you might consider are the Spy Matrix Pro, or the Spy Hawk Pro, but there are many available to fit your needs and budget.


Step 3

Jam the signal. You can purchase a small gadget called the GPS Tracker Defense from that will block the transmission from any GPS within a five meter radius (approximately 16 feet). This will prevent the unit from transmitting its data, so to the people observing you it will appear as if you have simply disappeared.


Step 4

Install the GPS bug jammer by simply plugging the device into your truck's cigarette lighter. It will start to work immediately, preventing any GPS unit attached to your vehicle or cell phone from transmitting a signal to the satellite, so that you effectively become invisible. However, note that any navigation system that you are using will be disabled as well.

Things You'll Need

  • GPS bug detector

  • Computer with Internet