How to Disassemble a Dell Flat Screen Monitor

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A simple Phillips head screwdriver will be your weapon of choice during Dell flat screen monitor disassembly.

Whether as a computer training exercise or as a necessity for repair, sometimes a Dell flat screen monitor must be broken down and completely disassembled. While on the surface such a task may sound entirely too complicated for anyone but a professional, in reality the disassembly of a Dell flat screen monitor can be performed by a do-it-yourself type who lacks any previous experience with computer disassembly. This task can be completed with little trouble with only a small plastic bag and a Phillips head screwdriver.


Step 1

Check the bezel of the Dell flat screen monitor. This is the perimeter area that surrounds the Dell's actual display. Depending on the exact model of the Dell flat screen monitor, there will be screws either on the back of the monitor along the perimeter, or concealed in this area by plastic or metallic "caps" that are there for cosmetic purposes. Pop these caps off if necessary, placing them safely in a plastic bag.

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Step 2

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws. Place these screws in the plastic bag, as you may need them if replacing the screen later or reassembling it.


Step 3

Remove the bezel of the Dell flat screen monitor completely. The bezel will be loose, so gently pry at it starting at a corner and peel if off. Take care not to crack or scuff the bezel if you plan to re-use it.

Step 4

Locate the two metal brackets on either side of the exposed monitor. With the bezel gone these brackets should be clearly visible, and two to three screws should also be visible in each. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to remove these screws from the metal brackets.


Step 5

Find the inverter cable. With the bezel removed, the inverter cable--which will either be white or black--will be found at the bottom center of the monitor, just below the actual display. It runs into a similarly colored cable connector, which is locked in a horizontal position. Unlock this connector by flipping it into an upright position, which will disconnect the cable.

Step 6

Remove the Dell flat screen monitor completely. With the bezel removed and the inverter cable disconnected, simply pull the screen gently up and out. Store this in a safe place which provides a sturdy support for the screen but does not threaten to scratch the display. Your Dell flat screen monitor has now been completely disassembled.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver

  • Plastic bag