How to Disconnect an Attached Device From a NetGear Router

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You can remove a device that is currently attached to a network router.

In computer networking, routers keep track of all devices connected ("attached") to them at any given time. A network administrator may need to disconnect one such device by reconfiguring the router; this is common when the device in question is malfunctioning and will not disconnect on its own accord. You can use the management utility built into a Netgear router to identify the attached device that needs disconnecting and instruct the router to disconnect it.


Step 1

Use the Ethernet cable to connect the computer to a LAN port on the Netgear router.

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Step 2

Launch a Web browser on the computer, then navigate to the router's management utility. The utility's Web address depends on the model of the router and is clearly indicated in the manual. For example, for a Netgear WPN824, navigate to "".


Step 3

Log in to the router as Administrator by typing "admin" as username and the administrator's password -- the default password is "password." Press "Enter."

Step 4

Identify the MAC (medium access control) address of the device that needs to be disconnected by instructing the router to list the currently attached devices. For example, for a WPN824, click "Attached Devices" on the sidebar at the left of the Web page. Find the device by using its "Device Name," then make a note of its "MAC Address" from the same line on the list.



Step 5

Configure the router to stop providing service to the device in the future. For example, on a WPN824, click on "Block Services" on the left sidebar. Select "Block," enter the MAC address and click "Apply."

Step 6

Power down and restart the router. After it reboots, the device will no longer be attached to the router.

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