How to Draw a Grid With Paint

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Microsoft Paint, is, at first glance, a simple program. While its graphics creation and editing tools can't hold a candle to powerhouses like Photoshop and GIMP, it does have many hidden capabilities that make it useful. One such capacity is its ability to quickly draw grids. Rather than having to meticulously plot out each line by hand, you can rapidly duplicate lines to form a grid as large as you want.


Step 1

Open Paint by clicking on the Start button and navigating to "All Programs" > "Accessories" > "Paint".

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Step 2

Select the straight line from the Shapes list. Click somewhere on your canvas, hold down the Shift key, and drag to create a vertical line.


Step 3

Click on the "Select" drop-box and turn on "Transparent selection" in the menu that appears. Switch to the rectangular selection tool and drag a box enclosing your new line.

Step 4

Hold down the Shift key and click once on the selected line. Release the Shift key and drag the line to a new position. You'll see that another line remains in the original location, duplicated. Repeat this process to create a long row of parallel lines.



Step 5

Switch to the View tab if it is absolutely imperative that the lines of your grid be equidistant, and check the "Gridlines" box. Zoom in to at least 400 percent to see every pixel outlined. This will allow you to position your copied rows perfectly, counting the number of pixels between each line.


Step 6

Draw another line in an empty part of the canvas the same way, but make this one horizontal. Drag it onto the series of vertical lines to begin the grid, and duplicate it until the grid is fully populated.




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