How to Draw a Map on Word

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Draw directions using Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word may be an ideal software choice for typing out directions or descriptions of a new place, but the program's somewhat-hidden drawing tools also give you the option to offer a visual illustration. Drawing maps on Word may be a cumbersome and not entirely exacting task, but all of the tools you need to create the map's lines and words are present. Put together your own treasure hunt image and get started in a new direction.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word. Click the "Insert" tab. Click the "Shapes" button. Click the "Scribble" tool under the "Lines" section; the tool looks like a squiggly line. The cursor changes to a plus sign with a pencil icon.

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Step 2

Draw the first line of the map – choose the longest route. Word surrounds the line with a frame and opens the "Drawing Tools" tab. Click the "Shape Outline" button and choose a new color for the line, such as designating major highways in blue and back roads in black.


Step 3

Repeat the "Scribble" process for the rest of the lines on the map. To draw straight lines, press and hold down the "Shift" key while using the "Scribble" tool. Change map line colors as desired.

Step 4

Click the "Text Box" button on the "Insert" tab's ribbon. Choose "Simple Text Box." Once Word adds it to the workspace, click inside the text box and type the name of the city, landmark, street or other map note. Click the text box's border. Click the "Text Box Fill" button on the ribbon and click "No Fill." Click the "Text Box Outline" button on the ribbon and select "No Outline." Drag the text box into place on the map.


Step 5

Right-click the text box and select "Copy." Right-click anywhere on the map and select "Paste." Click inside the text box, highlight the word(s) and type directly over them for the new map text. Drag the text box into place.


Step 6

Add additional features to the map such as a "You are Here" star by clicking the "Insert" tab, clicking the "Shapes" button, selecting the shape and drawing it on the map.


Step 7

Give the map a background color such as yellow or blue by clicking the "Page Layout" tab. Click the "Page Color" button. Click one of the small squares for the page color – choose one that contrasts with the colors of the map lines instead of the same color so the lines do not fade into the background. This is optional.

Step 8

Click the "File" tab. Click "Save As." Give the map file a title and click the "Save" button.

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