How to Create a Map in a Word Document Using Google Maps

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Inserting a map into a word processing file can be an extremely helpful way to add an illustration to your document or to supplement written driving instructions. Maps can be easily transferred from Google Maps into Microsoft Word. However, once the map is transferred, it cannot be adjusted; the map control features are only effective within a standard internet browser. A map transferred from Google Maps to Microsoft Word will also have lower resolution in the display than the standard Google Maps template.


Step 1

Zoom into the area on the map that you want to select using the standard navigational tools of Google Maps.

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Step 2

Remove the tool panel at the left of the screen by clicking the arrow in the upper-right corner of the panel. This will give you a larger view of the map.


Step 3

Press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard to paste the browser window onto your OS clipboard. Sometimes the button is marked "PrntScrn."

Step 4

Right-click in the Word document and select "Paste" to insert the map into the document. (You can also use the "paste" keyboard shortcut, Control plus V.



Step 5

Click and drag on the corners of the newly transferred map to resize it as necessary. If you wish to crop the map to remove any edges, you can simply right-click the picture, select "Show picture toolbar," and select the crop tool from the toolbar.




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