How to Edit an MP3 File on a Mac

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You can edit MP3 files on a Mac using free software provided by Apple. Both iTunes and QuickTime Player offer editing solutions; however, QuickTime allows for more specific editing controls, with each file set up in its own player window. QuickTime Player also lets you use shortcut keys for a faster workflow and lets you edit many types of audio and video files, including MOV video files and AIFF audio files.


Things You'll Need

  • QuickTime Player (see Resources)

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Step 1

Download QuickTime Player and agree to the terms of use. Install and open the program.


Step 2

Click on "File" and "Open File." Find your MP3 in the "Finder" window and click "Open." Your MP3 will open in an audio-only window.

Step 3

Clip sections of audio by setting your "in" point, i.e., where you want to start your edit. Click "i" on your keyboard to set your "in" point. Repeat for your "out" point, or where you want to end your edit.


Step 4

To retain only the section of audio within your "in" and "out" points, click "Edit" and "Trim to Selection." To copy your section of audio, press "Apple-C" on your keyboard. To paste the section of audio, mark your cursor on the timeline and press "Apple-V."



Step 5

To combine separate MP3 files, copy your file section ("Apple-C"). Open the other MP3 file in QuickTime. Set your cursor at an "in" point for your copied audio and paste ("Apple-V").

Step 6

Save your files by selecting your QuickTime window and pressing "Apple-S." Choose a file name and location. Click "Save."



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