How to Edit Photo Properties

By John Smith

Digital pictures save a range of details about the photograph, such as what type of camera was used and the date the picture was taken. This information is called the EXIF data, or Exchangeable Image File. You don't need to download any additional software to can check on the properties of your digital picture as Windows 7 provides viewing and editing capability within the basic operating system. You may need to change some settings or copy the file over to another location if you are having trouble editing the photo properties.

Step 1

Navigate to the digital photo you want to edit. Right-click on this photo and click "Properties" on the pop-up window.

Step 2

Check the bottom of the "General" tab next to the "Attributes" section. Make sure the box labeled "Read-only" is not checked. If this box is checked, you will only be able to view the properties and will not be able to edit them. Uncheck the box and click the "Apply" button to save the file settings.

Step 3

Click on the "Details" tab. There will be list of different property sections, such as "Description," "Origin," "Image" and "Camera."

Step 4

Hover your cursor over the "Value" column for any of the listed details. The option to "Add Text" will pop up for details that have not been edited and you will be able to change most every other property detail. Some details might not allow editing if they have been copyrighted. Type in the new text or select the value from the drop-down menus.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your picture is burnt to a disc, you will not be able to edit it. You can get around this by copying and pasting the original file to your hard drive and editing the copied file.
  • If the picture file won't open, check to make sure that hasn't been deleted or moved to another location.