How to Edit Text Font on Craigslist

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Format your Craigslist ad using HTML.
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Changing the appearance of your text on Craigslist can go a long way toward making your ad stand out from the rest. While you can't change the actual typeface, you can apply other font effects such as boldface and italics, or change the size of the font using a few basic HTML codes that are simple enough for anyone to use. You can also change the color of your text when posting to certain categories.


Boldface and Italics

You can boldface parts of your text by enclosing them with the and tags. For example, "Call me now!" causes the enclosed phrase to appear in boldface when you view the ad on Craigslist. Italicize portions of your text using the and tags. For example, "Gone With the Wind" causes the movie title to appear in italics when you view the final ad.

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Font Size

Increase the size of your text by enclosing it with the and tags. This causes the text to become one size larger. You can even use two or more tags in sequence to increase the size of the text even more. For example, "Really Large Text" causes your text to increase by three sizes. Decrease the size of text by enclosing it in the and tags. As with the tag, you can use two or more tags in sequence to create really small text.


Headings and Subheadings

You can also create headings and subheadings in your ad with heading tags. A heading tag causes your text to become both larger and boldface. The main heading tag sets, in order from largest to smallest, are:




; and


. For example, if you are posting a job ad with a section for job qualifications, you might create a subheading using the following format: "


". When you use heading tags, there's no need to use the or tags.

Font Color

In some cases you can change the color of your font using the tag and the color attribute. Use the following format: "your colored text" (without quotes). In addition to red, you can select black, blue, fuchsia, green, maroon, navy, olive, purple or teal as your color. You can only change the font color when posting to the jobs section, the housing section, or to the tickets category as a dealer


Combining Tags

When you apply more than one font change to your text, close your HTML tags in the opposite order from which you opened them, so that each set is nested within the other. For example, to make text both bold and italic, use the following format: your text here.

Changing Typeface

In the past, you were able to change the actual typeface of your font, and could change the font color in any posting. However, Craigslist began blocking these features and others beginning in late 2013.


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