How to Enable the Memory Remapping on an Asus P5B

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A computer's basic input-output system structure underlies all the PC's functions. The BIOS is the skeleton programming over which the operating system -- such as Windows -- is layered. It's responsible for core computer functions. Each motherboard manufacturer uses a different BIOS. Therefore, each BIOS requires a different access key. Computer users who run 32-bit operating systems often enable the memory remapping feature in BIOS, to give the computer more RAM capacity.


Step 1

Shut down the computer. Reoot the system.

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Step 2

Press Del as the system boots. Some ASUS systems use "Ins" or "F2" for entering system setup. If "Del" does not work, shut down and reboot the system while trying "INS" or "F2."


Step 3

Press the Tab key to move to the Advanced Menu.

Step 4

Use the Down arrow key to scroll down and highlight Advanced Chipset Features. Press Enter.


Step 5

Highlight Northbridge Configuration using the arrow keys, and then press Enter.


Step 6

Highlight Memory Remap Feature using the arrow keys. Press Enter.

Step 7

Press + or - to change the option to "Enabled." Press Esc to exit BIOS.

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