How to Find Your Network Address

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A network address, or IP address, is a series of numbers that a computer or other device uses to connect to a network, like the internet. An example of an IP (or network) address would be IP addresses are individual and differ between devices and networks. An IP address is separated into two parts. The first part is the network address, which is the first three series of numbers (192.168.1 as shown in the example.) The last number or series of numbers (100 in the shown example) is the host address.


Find Your Address

Step 1

Locate and click the Start menu on your computer. Find "Run" and click to open it. This will bring up the window that allows you to locate files and folders on your computer.


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Step 2

Type "cmd" in the drop down arrow box next to Open. Then click OK. This will open the command prompt.

Step 3

Type "ipconfig" to bring up the network configurations of your computer and press "Enter" on your keyboard.


Step 4

Locate the line that says "IP Address," IPv4 Address" or something similar. Follow the dotted lines over to the right to locate your IP address.


After typing "ipconfig" and pressing Enter, scroll up to see the entire configuration of your computer.


If you have to write down your IP address, make sure you are copying it correctly because if you have to use it elsewhere and you make a mistake copying a number, it will not work.