How to Find a MAC Address on a Dell Computer

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A MAC address, or "media access control" address, is a unique identification number assigned to a computer's network adapter. If you own a Dell computer and want to find your MAC address, you will have to use the Windows command line.


Step 1

Click the "Start" button on the bottom left-hand corner of your Dell computer. Select "Run" from the menu (in Vista, "Run" is under "Accessories" on the "Start" menu).

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Step 2

Type the letters "cmd" into the text box and click "Enter" on your keyboard. This will open the command line.


Step 3

Type in the command "ipconfig/all." This will display all of the internet protocol configurations for your computer.


Step 4

Find the words "Physical address" and write down the corresponding MAC address. This will be a combination of 12 hexadecimal characters presented in pairs. For example, "5E:71:F4:c1:11:00."




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