How to Fix a Certificate Error in Internet Explorer

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A certificate error message in Internet Explorer is designed to pop up when the browser detects a website's security certificate contains invalid information. This is done to protect Web surfers from malicious websites that can download viruses or fake websites set up to gather personal information. But sometimes this security feature goes awry and begins to block trusted sites the user knows are safe.


Step 1

Close Internet Explorer, then click the "Start" button. Type "regedit" in the search box if you are running Vista or in the run box if you are running older versions of Windows. Hit "Enter."

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Step 2

Highlight "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl" by clicking on it.


Step 3

Highlight "New" in the edit menu and click "Key."

Step 4


in the new key box and hit "Enter."


Step 5

Highlight "New" in the edit menu and choose "DWORD Value."


Step 6

Type "iexplore.exe" in the value box and hit "Enter."

Step 7

Choose "Modify" in the edit menu and enter "1" in the modification area. Click "OK."

Step 8

Close the registry editor and open Internet Explorer to see if the certificate error problem is fixed.

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