How to Block a User on Match

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If you do not want to receive further private messages from a user, block him from contacting you by clicking a link on his profile.

Step 1

Visit the profile of the user you wish to block from contacting you.


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Step 2

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Click the Block From Contact link to block the user. After clicking the link, displays a new Unblock From Contact link, which you can click if you decide to unblock the user at a later time.


  • If a member sent you messages of a threatening, offensive or harassing nature, consider reporting him to the moderation team by clicking the Report a Concern link on his profile.
  • You can block up to 125 contacts.
  • View the list of the users you have blocked by clicking the cog-shaped Gear icon at the top of your screen, selecting Settings and clicking the Blocking link.
  • does not notify members you decided to block from contacting you.
  • Blocked members can still view your profile and — though does not deliver their messages to your inbox — they can still click the Email button on your profile and type a message.
  • If you are a paid member, prevent a specific user from appearing in your search results by clicking the Block From Search link on his profile.