How to Appear Deactivated in Facebook

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With Facebook you can temporarily deactivate your account, which makes it impossible for friends or other users to see your profile or view your pictures and comments until you reactivate the account. If you want to appear deactivated to certain users on Facebook without actually deactivating the account you can simply block those users instead. When those users attempt to visit your profile, they will receive an error identical to the error they would receive if trying to visit a deactivated profile. Additionally, those users will not be able to find your profile when searching in Facebook.


Step 1

Open your Web browser and visit the homepage. Type your login information into the appropriate fields and click "Log in."

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Step 2

Click on "Account" in the upper-right corner of the page; a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Privacy Settings."


Step 3

Locate "Block Lists" at the bottom of the page and click the "Edit your lists" link.

Step 4

Input the full name of the person you wish to appear deactivated to into the "Name" field in the "Block users" section. Click the "Block User" button. A window will appear, suggesting people that match your search criteria.



Step 5

Click on "Block" next to the person you wish to appear deactivated to. The person's name will appear at the bottom of the "Blocked users" section. Once you block a Facebook user, you appear deactivated to that person.




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