How to View Blocked Twitter Comments

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You can view a blocked user's tweets without disabling the block.
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In addition to creating awareness for your brand, Twitter is an ideal social platform for establishing an interactive relationship with clients, customers and fans. However, when you encounter an abusive user who impacts your company or your followers' conversations negatively, you may block that specific user. After you block a Twitter follower, his tweets no longer appear on your timeline. If you're curious about a blocked user's recent activity on Twitter, however, you can view his recent comments by accessing his profile page.


Step 1

Log in to your Twitter account.

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Step 2

Enter the blocked Twitter user's name in the Search field, and then select the "Search all people for" option at the bottom of the Search list. You will notice a Blocked button next to the blocked user's name in the search results.



Step 3

Click on the blocked user's name, and then click the "Go to full profile" link on the Profile Summary screen. The user's tweets will display automatically.




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