How to View Your Block List on IMVU

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IMVU is an online community that allows millions of users to meet up in an amazing 3-D world. You can navigate 3-D environments and interact with other IMVU users with your avatar, which you create for the IMVU universe. If you encounter users on IMVU that you do not like, you can choose to block them from contacting you. You can view your block list on IMVU to add IMVU users to the block list when necessary.


Step 1

Click "Member Login" to login to IMVU with your IMVU name and password.

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Step 2

Press "Account" at the top right corner of the website.

Step 3

Go to the "Privacy and Safety" area of your IMVU profile page.


Step 4

Click "Blocked users list" by the word "Manage" in Friends & User Settings of your IMVU profile page. If you blocked a person on IMVU, his name will be visible. If you need to add a person to the block list, enter his avatar name in "Blocked Contact" filed and then click "Block" to block that IMVU user. If you want to unblock an IMVU user, click "Unblock" to unblock that user.





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