How to Fix a Microphone Echo

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Microphones sometimes echo during use.

An echoing microphone, whether used for talking over a computer or gaming, is an annoyance. There are a few different causes of echoing on a microphone such as picking up noise from speakers, a sensitive microphone for sound, connection problems or even weather problems. Fixing the echo depends on which problem is causing the echo, but the basics of fixing the echo are similar.


Step 1

Turn off speakers and other electronics. In the situation where the cause of the echo is related to picking up noises from speakers or interference from other electronics, turning them off will stop the echo in the microphone. This means that the microphone is picking up sounds from the electronics to create an echo. Use a headset to minimize echoing from speakers in this situation.


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Step 2

Turn off other recording devices. Sometimes the problem stems from more than the microphone picking up sounds. When this is causing the echo, changing the features is the only way to stop the echo. Right click and select "Properties." Locate the audio options and switch off any recording option that is not the microphone.


Step 3

Reset the Internet connection. Microphone echoing over a computer phone service or a game can sometimes be due to poor-connection quality. Resetting the Internet will fix this echoing issue.


Step 4

Turn off the microphone and avoid using it during poor weather conditions. An echo caused by a thunderstorm is not preventable or fixable. The problem is related to issues that are not in the owner's control. If the weather is foul enough to cause an echo, it is best to turn off the electronic devices as power surges or similar problems might arise and damage the devices.




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