How to Fix a Samsung Hinge

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Fix a Samsung Hinge

The LCD screen on any laptop computer is held into place by two plastic or metal hinges that allow the screen to easily move up and down. When the hinges on your Samsung laptop break, or become rusty, your screen will not open and close properly. If your laptop is no longer under warranty or you don't want to wait for a Samsung authorized service center to repair the hinges, you can replace them on your own at home.


Step 1

Check the manual that came with your Samsung laptop or navigate to the Samsung support website and find the part number for the LCD screen hinges. Purchase two replacement LCD screen hinges (see Resources).

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Step 2

Power off your Samsung laptop completely and remove the power cable. Unplug any other peripherals that are attached to the laptop, such as any USB devices. Close the top LCD screen lid and flip the Samsung laptop over so that the bottom side of the case is facing upwards.


Step 3

Hold the battery release latch down with one hand and then slide the battery out of the Samsung laptop with your other hand. Flip the laptop back over and then open the LCD screen lid.

Step 4

Take a thin and flat object such as the edge of a flat head screwdriver and insert it underneath the seam of the plastic bezel piece above the keyboard and just underneath the screen. Pop the piece upwards with the flat object so that you can see underneath it. Disconnect the cable connecting the bezel to the motherboard and then remove the bezel and set it aside.


Step 5

Samsung screen hinges

Remove the two screws holding the hinge on the right side to the case. Pull the hinge off and replace it with the new one. Reattach the screws to hold the hinge in place. Repeat the process with the hinge on the left side of the case. Reconnect the motherboard cable to the plastic bezel and pop the bezel back onto the case.

Step 6

Put the battery back into the case and then open the LCD screen lid and make sure it opens and closes properly with the new hinges.


The electricity in your body can easily damage your laptop's motherboard. You can prevent the discharge of static electricity between your hands and the computer by briefly touching a solid metal object connected to the ground just before opening the laptop's case.