How to Keep a Cracked Computer Screen From Spreading

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Put the computer in a travelling case to prevent it from being bumped.
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You're sitting at your desk, typing an e-mail and you are horrified to notice a crack in the computer's LCD screen. Unfortunately, accidents happen and cracked computer screens – especially cracked laptop screens — are common. Replacing the screen on a computer without a warranty is quite expensive. If you're not in the financial position to completely replace the laptop screen, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure the crack doesn't spread.


Step 1

Try to avoid moving the computer or laptop as this could cause further damage to the screen. The more you move the laptop the more likely it is that the crack will spread. The crack was likely caused by something hitting the screen while it was being transported so keep it in one place to prevent the crack from spreading. Be gentle when you do have to move the computer anywhere.


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Step 2

Purchase a padded travelling case if you must transport the computer. If your computer is a laptop, make sure you have a padded travelling case that will prevent the cracked screen from spreading.

Step 3

Never store the computer in a cold location as this could increase the size of the crack. Also, moving the computer from a cold location to a hot location could make the crack in the screen worse. As a general rule of thumb, never store the computer in your car.



Step 4

Avoid using screen cleaners that contain ammonia. The presence of ammonia will cause your screen to weaken, and could possibly result in the existing crack becoming larger.

Step 5

Don't poke the screen with your finger, pencil or other object as this will cause the crack to spread. If you're showing someone something on your computer, point at a distance. You should only touch your laptop screen when you are cleaning it with a soft cloth.




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