How to Fix a TV Antenna

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Are you having trouble accessing channels or are you seeing fuzzy images on your TV? Is your sound quality distorted and unclear? You probably have signal problems. Use these troubleshooting and repair tips to solve your antenna problems, restore quality signals and get the best picture and sound possible.


Things You'll Need

  • RF cable, if necessary
  • Signal booster, if necessary

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Step 1

Check the connection from your antenna to your converter box and make sure the cables are correctly set. Check the connection from your TV to the converter box. Make sure the TV is set to channel 3 or 4 to detect the signals.


Step 2

Replace your RF cable from your antenna to your TV if it looks corroded or worn-out. Corroded and worn-out cables prevent the transmission of signals.

Step 3

Adjust the antenna position if the signals are still weak. The higher the antenna, the more strongly it will detect the signals. At least 30 feet high is recommended. Try scanning your channels now.



Step 4

Install a signal booster between your antenna and your converter box. The signal booster strengthens the signal at your antenna before it reaches the converter box. Ask for help at your local electronic store on different makes and models.

Step 5

Keep your indoor antenna close to the window to strengthen the signals sent to your converter box. Keep it far from fluorescent lights and computers, which interfere with the transmission signals.



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