How to Boost an FM Signal in a Building

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A weak FM signal can be caused by many things and can become a headache for those wishing to use their radios. FM signals are usually weaker when the receiver is located in a building instead of an open area. Walls and other obstacles tend to reduce the strength of the signal making it harder pick up a clear channel. However, there are some options that you can try to boost your FM signal.


Step 1

Relocate the radio to a different location to find the best spot for reception. Placing the radio near a window usually offers the best signal. Move the antenna in different directions to try to find the path with the clearest signal.

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Step 2

Purchase an indoor antenna and attach it according to the instructions. Upgrading your antenna can boost your signal.


Step 3

Switch the "Stereo" setting to "Mono." Sometimes, it is easier for a receiver to pick up a signal in mono then in stereo. Selecting the "Mono" setting will reduce static and background noise, but it will also eliminate the two-channel sound that you are used to with the "Stereo" setting.


Step 4

Attach a booster to your antenna. Boosters amplify sound and need some signal to work well. If no signal is getting through then the booster will just amplify the noise.


Step 5

Mount an outdoor antenna to the roof of the building. Building walls can muffle the broadcast signal, making it difficult to receive a clear signal. Installing an outdoor antenna and pointing it to the broadcast transmitter can greatly increase the signal you receive.


Step 6

Purchase a new radio that features a digital tuner instead of a dial. Digital tuners have better sensitivity and more precise tuning than a dial.



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