How to Change a DirecTV Satellite Signal Zip Code

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If you've recently moved and brought your DirecTV satellite dish with you, you'll need to update your signal zip code and possibly adjust your dish. Your receiver uses predetermined signal points for communicating with satellites in the sky, so moving to a different zip code could require an adjustment in elevation and/or azimuth (horizontal setting) to obtain the strongest signal.


Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on your DirecTV remote control. Scroll down to "System Setup" and press "Select."

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Step 2

Choose "Antenna" and press "Select" to enter the setup menu. Scroll down to "Zip Code" and enter your new zip code (it will automatically overwrite the old zip code).

Step 3

Press "Select" to confirm. Wait for the system to update and display the proper settings.

Step 4

Adjust your dish to the proper elevation setting, if needed. If the setting did not change or if it changed very little, you may not need to adjust the setting. To adjust, loosen the bolt around the dish base and adjust the dish, using the dial indicator to line up the correct elevation.



Step 5

Adjust your dish's azimuth (horizontal) setting, if needed. Use a compass to find the precise direction. Loosen the bolts on the back of the dish and point it in the correct position.

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