How to Change the Settings on a Cox Cable Box From 480P to 1080P

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Many Cox cable boxes, especially newer ones, have various aspect ratio settings. The 480p setting is commonly used on standard TV monitors. The 1080p setting is used for HDTV monitors that have a wide-screen shape. Changing the aspect ratio setting on the cable box will allow the TV to receive the signal in a different aspect ratio, allowing for a more detailed high-definition picture.


Step 1

Press the "Settings" button on the cable box remote control. Press the "A" button.

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Step 2

Press the arrow buttons to highlight "Audio/Video." Press "Select."

Step 3

Press the arrow buttons to highlight "Video Output Format." Press "Select."

Step 4

Press the arrow buttons to highlight "1080p." Press "Select."


Step 5

Press the "Select" button to accept the changes when the confirmation screen appears. Wait for the screen resolution to adjust.

Step 6

Press the "A" button. Press "Exit" to leave the menu screen.

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