How Can I Get TV Reception Inside a Metal Building?

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Receive strong antenna-based television signals.

If you live inside a building with significant metal components and obtain your television programming through an antenna, you may find it difficult to connect to a clear signal. This is because the building's metal reflects the TV signal away, causing you to miss out on the programming. Although you cannot change the building, there are a few options available to you to improve your reception.


Step 1

Obtain an amplified antenna. These antennas require a power source, but provide a stronger signal. With the amplified power you can receiver the programming before the signal actually reaches the building's metal siding.

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Step 2

Move the antenna and TV closer to a window. A signal travels easily through a glass window, so positioning the TV next to a window can allow you to receive a clearer image.


Step 3

Adjust your antenna to fit each station. The exact positioning of the antenna will vary from station to station, but it is best to adjust it accordingly if you want to have a clearer picture and better audio.


Step 4

Place the antenna outside if you have a deck or patio area, or install a rooftop antenna. With a long enough coaxial cable running TV can still connect to the antenna. This removes the metal building issue and it may even help you increase the signal by bouncing the signals off the metal building into your antenna.



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