How to Get Rid of Static on an In-Home Radio

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Old-fashioned radios aren't the only ones plagued by static.

Whether you're listening to FM, AM or satellite radio, reception problems can create annoying static. You can take several steps to decrease unwanted radio noise and achieve a crystal clear sound. Since getting rid of static can be a process of trial and error, do not be discouraged if you need to try several of these solutions before the reception is improved.


Step 1

Try an antenna. For FM radio, antennas range from the dipole and rabbit-ear types for less than $10 to roof-mounted antennas for more than $150. An FM antenna should be extended to its fullest length and positioned diagonally or horizontally, not vertically. Cheap AM loop antennas are available for about $10 but most are in the $20 to $30 price range and should be positioned facing the direction of the signal.


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Step 2

Relocate your radio. Obstacles such as concrete walls and tall buildings can interfere with your radio receiving signals. Try moving your radio near an unobstructed window, ideally a window facing the direction of the signal if you know where your station of choice is broadcast. For instance, according to Sirius' product support information, a Sirius radio antenna should face south.


Step 3

Turn off electronics near your radio. Electronics such as fluorescent lights, televisions, computers and cell phones are just a few things that can interfere with radio reception and create static. Keep your cell phone far from your radio and turn off lights and electronics. If this makes a difference in the quality of reception, suggests positioning your radio so that these electronics are no longer between the source of the signal and the radio.



Step 4

Switch to MONO FM. Many radios function in both Stereo FM and MONO FM modes. If your radio sounds unclear in Stereo mode, try switching to MONO.

Step 5

Listen online. If none of these steps are solving your static problem, try listening online. Today, many radio stations stream online, giving you the option of enjoying radio programming completely static-free.




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