How to Fix a White Screen on an LCD Monitor

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Monitor issues can have many causes.
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Dealing with monitor problems can be a frustrating task considering that you rely on your monitor to see what's actually happening on your computer. An LCD monitor that's turned completely white could be experiencing any one of a number of issues; troubleshooting requires a trial and error approach in the hopes that you'll eventually find the cause. While hardware failure is a possibility, it's best to test other avenues before seeking a replacement.


Step 1

Remove the monitor cable and replace it with a new one. Whether you're using HDMI, components, DVI, or another cable format, faulty cables can cause myriad monitor problems. If the monitor works with a new cable, you've found the problem.

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Step 2

Check your monitor connections. It's possible you crossed your cables somewhere or accidentally plugged the monitor cable in upside-down. Incorrect cable connections can cause an array of monitor troubles.


Step 3

Test your PC with a new monitor and new cables. If you're still experiencing problems, the issue could be with your video card or your device drivers. This will require professional assistance given that you can't make changes without viewing what you are doing.


Step 4

Shut down your computer, disconnect your monitor and then connect a different monitor with the same cables. If the new monitor works when you start the computer, it's possible the old monitor has failed.




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