How to Fix the Link Grabber for JDownloader

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The Link Grabber feature of the JDownloader download manager allows the program to take links copied to the clipboard and automatically import them for download. Link Grabber works not only with links from file hosting sites like Filesonic and Mediashare but also with online video files and PDF files as well. Links are copied into the clipboard by either highlighting text-based links, right-clicking over the highlighted text and selecting "Copy," or by right-clicking over an active hyperlink and selecting "Copy" from the drop-down menu. If Link Grabber is not working for you, there are several methods to restore Link Grabber function.

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Step 1

Make sure the clipboard monitoring feature is activated. The clipboard monitoring icon is located on the menu bar. It is shaped like a clipboard with a check mark in the lower left corner. If the icon is not surrounded by a darkened square, the clipboard monitor is not active. Left-click the icon to activate it.

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Step 2

Update to the latest version of JDownloader. Left-click the globe shaped icon on the menu bar to check for any updates.

Step 3

Uninstall and reinstall JDownloader.