How to Get Over the Air Channels on TV

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An antenna can bring in over-the-air television signals.

You don't have to shell out money to a cable TV provider or satellite dish company every month for your television entertainment. There is programming available over the air for free. And thanks to the digital TV revolution, there are more channels to choose from. Some broadcasters are using their expanded bandwidth to offer several different channels within their slots.


Step 1

Select an antenna that is appropriate for your location. The choice will be affected by the distance to broadcast towers, the presence of tall buildings and trees, and the broadcast stations' transmitting power and frequency range. A website such as AntennaWeb gathers data to help make the decision. (See Resources)


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Step 2

Install an outdoor antenna close to the peak of your roof. Directional antennas will need to be pointed toward the broadcast towers. Mount an indoor antenna as high as possible and away from electrical interference by appliances.

Step 3

Turn off the television. Connect the antenna to the antenna input of the television's tuner with an insulated coaxial cable that has threaded male F-connectors at each end.



Step 4

Turn on the television and activate the tuner's channel scanner. Adjust the antenna position as needed to maximize the signal reception for each channel.

Things You'll Need

  • Television with tuner

  • Antenna

  • Coaxial cable



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