How to Build a Homemade FM Antenna for a Radio

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Antennas intercept waves from radio transmitters that enable you to listen to your favorite radio stations at home, at work or in the car. A standard antenna used to pick up FM radio is perhaps the simplest antenna of all. An FM radio antenna is nothing more than a thin piece of wire inside a metal casing. Whether you want to improve the efficiency of an existing antenna or make an entirely new one, you can do it quickly and inexpensively.


Step 1

Cut speaker wire to a length of 6 feet. You might not need the entire length, but it's better to have too much wire than not enough.

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Step 2

Strip the coating about an inch off one end of the wire with a pair of wire strippers. This will leave you with bare wire. Wrap the wire around the existing antenna or insert the wire into the hole for the antenna.


Step 3

Split the speaker wire on the other opposite end with a utility knife to get the two colors of wire separated from one another. Be cautious when doing this to avoid cutting the actual wires.

Step 4

Hold the wire flat against a wall in any spot you wish. Secure the wire in place with a wire staple or tape. You should have a foot of wire sticking up from the top of the staple or tape.



Step 5

Pull the two halves of the wire apart until they reach the point of the staple or tape. Spread the two halves apart and secure them to the wall.

Step 6

Cut off any excess wire, if necessary.

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