How to Get Sound on TV Using HDMI Cables?

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HDMI cables allow users to attach all of their audio and video functions with only a single cable connection. If you attach HDMI cables to your TV, you can avoid the entire mess of multiple wires while receiving crisp and clear audio signals.

Step 1

HDMI port

Check if your output device (stereo, DVD player, etc.) offers an HDMI slot. Then check if your input device (TV) also offers an HDMI port. An HDMI port looks like the picture shown here.


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Step 2

Attach your HDMI cable from your input device to your output device by simply pushing the connections into place. There are no screws to attach. Simply line up the small end with the small end of your device and gentle push the cabling into place.

Step 3

Test your HDMI connection by turning on both devices and changing your TV Input to "HDMI." If your TV offers more than one HDMI port, turn to the proper HDMI port that you have plugged the cable into. Turn on the input device and see if sound plays.


Step 4

Check your TV's manual for HDMI information if sound is not playing from your TV at this point. Some TVs require that HDMI is turned on from the phone's menu sections. The settings must be turned on so that HDMI can vary from TV to TV.

Things You'll Need

  • TV manual

  • High-definition supported TV


Some HDMI versions will not play on certain devices. If for any reason your TV will not play audio, even after the steps above are followed, check with your device's manufacturer to see if there is an issue. Also check that your output device is not using DVI (video support only) instead of HDMI.