How to Graph Inequalities With Excel

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Teach students about inequalities using Excel.

Microsoft Excel is a useful program to help young students learn math. If you need to put together a worksheet with inequalities, you can use Excel to create a table of data points from an equation and then use the graph tool to display that equation graphically. To build an accurate graph, you will need a basic understanding of Excel functions, but even beginners will find the process fairly easy.


Step 1

Create a column of data points in the "A" column. These data points should be evenly spaced apart but can be as small or as large as you want, depending on the range and domain of your graph. If you are unsure, using the numbers "-10" to "10" usually will suffice.


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Step 2

Enter the equation of the inequality in cell "B1" and replace "x" with "A1." For example, if your inequality is y<3x, you would enter "=3*(A1)."

Step 3

Copy the contents of cell "B1."


Step 4

Paste the equation into the reset of the cells in the "B" column that correspond to your data points in the "A" column.

Step 5

Select both the data point cells and the equation cells.


Step 6

Click on "Line" under the Charts section of the Insert tab.

Step 7

Select the "2D line graph" option.


Step 8

Click on "Shapes" above the Illustrations header and select the "Freeform" tool.


Step 9

Draw a polygon that runs along the edge of the plotted line and along the edges of the chart area. Make sure it is placed properly above or below the equation, depending on the inequality.

Step 10

Select the polygon, click on the "Format" tab, click on "Shape Fill" and select "More Fill Colors."

Step 11

Adjust the color and transparency so that the shape shows up clearly on the graph.

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