How to Hide the Cable Box From a Wall Mount TV

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Enjoy watching TV without unsightly cable boxes.
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Despite the increasing use of wireless technology, it's not possible to completely cut the wires to everything. Your TV and cable box still have to be connected with wire, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice a clean look for your entertainment area. You can hide the cable box directly behind the TV, in an entertainment center or in another room.


Behind the TV

If you have some space between the wall and the TV, attach the cable box to the back of the TV with cable ties. This is possible if the back of your TV or its mounting bracket has some places to thread the cable ties through. You could also use adhesive hanging strips to attach the cable box to the wall behind the TV. In both cases, the TV blocks your view of the cable box.


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Run Cables Through the Wall

You can hide your cable box and other devices in an entertainment cabinet or in another room. In either case, you'll need to run the cables through the wall. Make sure that all cables are rated for in-wall installation. To get started, remove your TV from its wall mount. Saw a hole into the wall behind your TV; position the hole in the middle of the wall mount bracket. Saw another hole directly below the first hole and about 12 inches from the floor to run cables into an entertainment center, or saw a hole into the wall of the room where you are placing the cable box. Run steel fish tape from the hole behind your TV to the hole where the cable box will be placed. Attach the cable wire to the end of the fish tape and pull the fish tape back through the wall. Connect the TV and devices and put the TV back onto its wall mount.


Infrared Receivers

An infrared receiver kit includes an IR receiver that you place on top of your TV, and it picks up your remote's signals. The receiver is connected by a wire to an IR repeater, which you can place in another room. The repeater is connected to IR emitters; one emitter is placed on the IR window of each device you want to control. If the wire connecting the receiver and repeater is rated for in-wall installation, you can run the wire through the wall into another room; if not, you can hide the wire in cord covers, which you can purchase at your local hardware store. You can purchase IR receiver kits from Smarthome, Xantech and Sewell.


Universal Remote

If you prefer to stay away from sawing holes and running wire, purchase a universal controller that works with your hidden devices; Logitech makes a line of them. These controllers communicate with a hub that is wirelessly connected to your devices, including your cable box. Place the controller's hub near your TV. It should be in the open where it can receive the controller's signals, but you can disguise it among decorations; then connect the controller's hub to your devices.




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