How to Highlight in Excel

By Paul Lin

In order to call attention to a specific area in your presentation or project, highlighting can be used to set the text apart from the other information. Microsoft Excel gives users the flexibility to fill each cell -- or multiple cells -- with a color of their choice to highlight pertinent information. If you need to highlight cells, knowing how to select one cell or many cells can save you time and effort.

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Excel document you want to highlight.

Step 2

Left-click on the cell you wish to highlight. If you wish to highlight adjacent cells to the original cell you clicked, simply click on the original cell and drag it over all the cells you want to highlight.

Step 3

Highlight separate cells by clicking on each individual cell while holding the "Control" key on a PC or the "Command" key on a Mac.

Step 4

Click on the "Format" toolbar located across the top of your Excel program. Select the "Fill Cover" option and choose the highlight color you want to include inside the cells you have selected.