Definition of Merge Cell

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Merge cell is a function in database software that allows multiple adjacent cells to be combined into a single larger cell. This is done by selecting all cells to be merged and choosing the "Merge Cells" command.



If you need a larger cell in a spreadsheet or need to merge cells to create a text box, the merge feature can reformat cells in just a few clicks.

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When cells are merged, all of the text and numbers from the individual cells is merged and displayed in the center of the merged cell.



If you accidentally use the merge function in a spreadsheet program, you can reverse the merge by selecting the cell. Next, right click and select Split Cell.

Other Applications

Although merging is most often used in spreadsheet software, it can be used in any piece of software that allows the creation of tables. For example, if you are adding a table in Microsoft Word or working in an Access database, cells can be merged.



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Microsoft notes that cells can also be merged by using text in the formula line. Simply type "Concatenate" followed by the cells that should be merged.




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