How to Hook Up Harmon Computer Speakers to an HDTV

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Connecting an HDTV to Harmon Kardon computer speakers can offer big sound in a small space.

Harmon Kardon computer speakers can be quickly connected to an HDTV with a Y-adapter to convert the TV output jacks into a single jack that will work with the speaker system. The Harmon Kardon speakers are self-powered, so the HDTV will not face any power demands by adding additional sound. Since the computer speakers also come with a subwoofer, low-frequency bass response should be improved over the built-in speakers in the TV set.


Step 1

Insert the white and red plugs on the stereo cables into the left an right audio output jacks on the back of the HDTV.

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Step 2

Push the plugs on the other end into the two large jacks on the Y-adapter.


Step 3

Connect the 3.5mm plug on the end of the Harmon Kardon subwoofer cable to the small jack on the Y-adapter.


Step 4

Plug the cables from the left and right Harmon Kardon computer speakers into the matching jacks on the back of the subwoofer.

Step 5

Plug the subwoofer power cord into a wall outlet.

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