How to Import Email Addresses From Excel to Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook can take information from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing a list of email addresses and transfer the data to the virtual address book. To import an Excel spreadsheet to Outlook, you must convert the spreadsheet to the comma-separated values file format. Once the spreadsheet is converted, Outlook's Import and Export Wizard will upload the data to your "Contacts" folder.


Step 1

Open the Excel file where the email addresses are stored. Right-click "1" and select "Insert" from the context menu.

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Step 2

Enter a description for each column. For example, if the first column contains the names of the contacts, and the second column contains the email addresses for the contacts, enter "Name" into A1 and "E-mail Addresses" into B1.


Step 3

Click "File." Click "Save As." From the "Save As Type" drop-down menu, select "CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)." Save the file to the desktop.

Step 4

Open Outlook. Click "File," then click "Open." Click "Import." Double-click "Import From Another File or Program."



Step 5

Double-click "Comma Separated Values (Windows)." Click "Browse" and go to the desktop. Double-click the Excel spreadsheet where the email addresses are stored.

Step 6

Select from the options which method you would prefer Outlook to use when handling duplicates. Click "Next."


Step 7

Select the "Contacts" folder from your Outlook data file. Click "Next." Click "Finish" to import the addresses.

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