How to Import .XPS Documents Into Word

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A contract in XPS form can't be amended or changed.
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Once you save an XPS file, you can't go back and change it. Microsoft created XPS to protect important documents from tampering. Draft something in XPS, save it and the document is as set as if it were in hard copy. You can only view an XPS file with an XPS viewer. You can save Word documents as XPS but you can't open XPS in Word. (ref1)


Conversion and Importation

To bring an XPS file into Word, you can convert it. CometDocs, for instance, is a free conversion service: upload the XPS file to the CometDocs website, then use the Convert tab to select Word for the conversion. (ref2) You can also import the XPS file into word as an Object, but you can't edit or change it after importing. (Ref3)

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