How to Increase Cell Phone Reception With Verizon

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Verizon offers a robust cellphone network, but like any network, reception can suffer based on numerous factors. In many cases, signal strength is weak due to geographical influences, but other factors may also disrupt a network signal. Increasing your reception with Verizon is possible with a signal booster or several other simple methods of improving coverage and signal strength.


Remove Obstacles and Interference

Removing obstacles that block cell signals will immediately increase coverage. This most often means moving your location to gain a clear signal. In mountainous areas, cell signals will weaken unless you gain a clear view of the tower location. This often means climbing to the top of a hill or mountain area. Verizon signal problems are typically the result of geography and not the cell signal itself. If you had service in an area and the service has weakened or disappeared however, it may be a Verizon-specific problem. If you need an immediate Verizon poor reception fix, changing locations is your best bet.


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Update Software

Verizon cell tower updates can temporarily take you offline as well. You can contact Verizon from a solid signal area to inquire about updates or service changes in your area. They may even take a tower offline permanently or relocate towers to improve coverage in the area. As they rearrange locations, complete construction and test and adjust signal direction and strength, your signal will experience interruptions. Also, run any updates to your phone software to ensure it's functioning properly and is optimized for maximum connectivity. If the signal is weak because your phone is operating oddly, try resetting the phone power to acquire a fresh signal.


Use a Signal Booster

A booster is ideal for home sites where service is always poor. If you live in the mountains or in an area that simply doesn't have a strong signal, a booster can significantly improve your signal strength. A booster is essentially an intermediary that captures the signal and sends it to your poor strength location. If a hill is blocking your signal for example, you would set the booster antennae on the hill or on top of a structure where it receives a decent signal. The booster will then amplify that signal to the surrounding area, significantly improving your signal strength. The cellphone booster comes in numerous different forms with high strength options that increase service in a high use area or small options that are portable and work at home or while traveling.