How to Insert a Degree Symbol in Excel

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Use the "Alt" key to insert ASCII or Unicode characters.

Microsoft Excel allows you to input ASCII or Unicode characters into cells within your spreadsheet. Figuring out how to add these characters takes a little detective work, as there's no easy option to insert such characters in any of the menus. Inserting the characters involves some quick keyboard work that will easily become second nature when you memorize how to input the codes you use most often, such as the degree symbol.


Step 1

Turn on the number lock function on your keyboard's number pad by pressing the "Number Lock" button. You can only enter the degree symbol by using the number pad (not the row of numbers above the letters.)

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Step 2

Click in the cell into which you wish to type the degree symbol.


Step 3

Locate the "Alt" key on your keyboard.

Step 4

Hold down the "Alt" key with your left hand, and type "0176" simultaneously on the number pad. You should see the degree symbol appear in your cell.