How Do I Type an Angle Symbol in Microsoft Word?

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Insert angle symbols into your Word 2013 documents if you need to write equations or talk about angles. Use an Alt code to insert the degree symbol in Word or simply copy one from the Web and paste it into the document. Word's Math AutoCorrect can also insert angle symbols into your documents. To write complex equations, use Word's Equation feature.


Use Alt Codes or the Web

Position the insertion cursor anywhere in the document, hold the "Alt" key and type "0176" (without the quotation marks) using the numeric keypad. Release the "Alt" button to insert the degree symbol. Alt codes are used to insert characters that are not associated with keys on your keyboard.


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Another way to insert an angle symbol is to find it on a Web page, select it and press "Ctrl-C" to copy it to the clipboard. Position the insertion cursor anywhere in the Word document and press "Ctrl-V" to paste the symbol from the clipboard into the document.

Math AutoCorrect and the Equations Feature

To be able to use Math AutoCorrect symbols anywhere in the document, change the Math AutoCorrect settings. Click the Office button, select "Options" and then select "Proofing." Click the "AutoCorrect Options" button in the AutoCorrect Options section, then select the "Math AutoCorrect" tab. Check the "Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions" box. To insert an angle symbol, type "\degree" (without the quotes) and press "Space."



To write complex equations, use Word's Equation feature. Click "Insert" and then click the "Equation" button in the Symbols group to insert a new equation. Alternatively, choose one of the predefined equations by clicking the small arrowhead next to the Equation button.




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