How to Insert the Pi Symbol in Word

By Andrew Meer

Word 2013 and Word 365 let you insert the Pi symbol via keyboard shortcuts, the Symbols dialog box or the Equations function.

Keyboards do not feature a dedicated key that lets you insert the Pi (π) symbol when typing equations in Word 2013 and Word 365. You can, however, use either a universal key combination or Word 2013's Equation function to add Pi symbols to your document. Further, Word 2013 lets you bind the Pi symbol to any keyboard shortcut of your choice.

Universal "Pi" Key Combination

Place your cursor at the location where you want the Pi symbol to appear. Hold down the Alt key, and then type 2-2-7 on the Num pad. The Pi symbol appears once you release the Alt key. If the Pi symbol doesn't appear, press the Num Lock key, and then try again.


This key combination also works on other word-processing applications and Web browsers.

Pi Symbol as Font

Open the Home tab, and then select Symbol from the pull-down menu on the Font group. Next, place the cursor in any preferred location within the document, and then press the P key. The Pi symbol (π) appears instead of the letter P.

Pi Symbol as Equation

Step 1

Click the Insert tab.

The Insert tab lists the Symbols group.

Step 2

Click Equation on the Symbols group.

A box where you can type equations opens.

Step 3

Use the arrow-shaped keys on the Symbols group to cycle through available symbols, and then click π to insert the Pi symbol.

After inserting an equation, press the Enter key.

Create Pi Symbol Shortcut

Step 1

Click the Insert tab, click Symbol on the Symbols group, and then click More Symbols.

The Symbol dialog box opens.

Step 2

Select your preferred font style, such as Arial or Calibri, from the Fonts pull-down menu. Select the Pi symbol -- certain fonts may have more than one type of Pi symbol -- and then click Shortcut Key.

The Customize Keyboard dialog box opens.


Click Insert instead, if you don't want to create a shortcut.

Step 3

Place your cursor within the Press New Shortcut Key field, press the key that you want to include within the shortcut (for example, Ctrl-R), and then click Assign.

Word assigns the keyboard shortcut.

Step 4

Click Close to exit the Customize Keyboard dialog box.

The Pi symbol shows up whenever you use the shortcut on a Word document.


The keyboard shortcut overrides any existing keyboard shortcuts in Word 2013 and 365. To remove the shortcut, open the Symbols dialog box, and then select the symbol that you bound to the shortcut. Click Keyboard Shortcut, select the shortcut from under Current Keys, and then click Remove.