How to Install a JNLP File

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A file with the JNLP file extension is a Java Networ Launching Protocol file. JNLP files are installation launching packages that install Java applications over a network or over the Web. You install JNLP files via a web browser. Make sure you enable Java in the browser's Preferences settings before attempting to install the JNLP file. JNLP files use the Java Web Start engine to install Java applications.


Step 1

Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address or network path where the JNLP file is stored. If the JNLP file is on the local network, browse the network and locate the JNLP file. To browse the network, click "File" and then click "Open" from the top navigation bar of the browser. The File Open navigation box launches. Navigate to and click on the location where the JNLP file is stored.


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Step 2

Right-click on the JNLP file to show the context menu.

Step 3

Click "Open With." A list of installed programs opens.


Step 4

Click the "Java Web Start" program. The JNLP file installs to the computer using Java Web Start.



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