How to Install Microsoft Word Spell Checker

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By default the Microsoft Word spell checker installs when you install the software on your computer. If the spell check is grayed out when you click on "Options" under "Tools" on the text menu at the top of the screen, you will need to install the spell checker manually from the Word installation disk. This is simple and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.


Step 1

Close Microsoft Word on your computer.

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Step 2

Insert the Microsoft Word installation disk into your CD or DVD drive. The Setup Wizard should begin automatically. If it doesn't, browse using Windows Explorer to the drive with the install disk. Click on Setup.

Step 3

Select Add or Remove Features icon from the options given on the screen.

Step 4

Scroll down the list of options and click on the Tools icon. If you are using Microsoft Office, you will have to click on the "+" sign next to Word.


Step 5

Click the "+" sign next to Tools. Scroll down to Proofing Tools. Click the "+" sign next to the text.

Step 6

Click the "down" arrow next to the text Spelling.

Step 7

Click the option "Run from My Computer" from the text screen that opens.

Step 8

Click "Update Now" at the bottom of the screen. The spell checker will then be installed and ready for use.


Click the arrow box for "Proofing Tools" and select "Run All from My computer" to install not only the spell checker, but also the thesaurus and grammar checker.

Once the Word spell checker is installed, you can set up Outlook or Outlook Express to check the spelling of outgoing emails that you compose.

All Microsoft Office products utilize the spell checker in Word; so once you have it installed, Access, Excel and PowerPoint will all be able to spell check your documents.