How to Strike Through Text in Microsoft Outlook

By Andrew Meer

Perform single or double strikethrough formatting when composing or forwarting mesages in Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook supports crossing through selected lines of text using the strike-through button found under the Format Text tab. Use double strike-through formatting using the Font dialog box.

Single Line

Step 1

Highlight a word or line of text while composing a message.


When forwarding a message, click the Pop Out button above the message to open it in a new window.

Step 2

Apply strikethrough formatting.

Open the Format Text tab, and then click the abc (strikethrough) icon in the Font group.


Alternately, press the A, O and 4 keys in sequence to apply strike-through formatting on highlighted words and lines of text.

Double Line

Step 1

Open Font dialog box.

Open the Format Text tab and then click the small arrow-shaped icon in the Font group.


The Font dialog box also opens when you click the small arrow-shaped icon in the Plain Text group under the Message tab.

Step 2

Apply double strikethrough formatting.

Check the box next to Double strikethrough and then click OK.

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