How to Make a Check Mark on a Mac

As you've probably noticed, there's no check mark symbol on a standard keyboard -- no, not even on a Mac. However, there are several ways to insert a check mark on OS X Mavericks using Insert options and keyboard shortcuts. Here's a quick run down, so you can use the method that works best for you, depending on the app that you're using.

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Use the Keyboard Shortcut

Press Option-V to quickly insert a check mark into any document, Web document or text field.

The check mark appears wherever the cursor is located.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

Use a Wingding Check Mark

The Wingding 2 font series includes a check mark that you can use in any app that supports this font, including Word, TextEdit and Pages.

Select the Wingding 2 font in the Font menu and then press Option-P to insert a check mark.

To insert a freehand style x to go along with that check mark, press Option-O.

Adjust the check mark size as you would any letter in any font.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.

Insert a Pages Symbol Check Mark

Use the Special Characters option in Apple's Pages app to insert your choice of a check mark.


Click the Edit menu and select Special Characters.

The special characters option is at the bottom of the Edit menu.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.


Click the Expand icon in the upper-right corner of the Special Characters window.

Click the Command symbol and scroll down to find a check mark.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.


Click the Bullets/Stars menu and scroll down to where the check marks are. When you double-click a Check Mark, it's inserted into the document where your cursor is located.

Choose from a thin or a bold check mark.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

Insert a Word Symbol Check Mark

Microsoft Word comes with its own collection of symbols, including check marks. Select Symbols from the Insert menu to reveal the symbols in the Media window. Scroll down to the check marks and click one to insert it in the document.

Word offers three check mark symbols.
credit: Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.
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